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Her experience is immeasurable. The guidance I get is grounded and practical. You get a strong sense of how experienced she is. It gives me renewed energy and determination. It makes me more confident. It helps me make time for myself. It is also a safety net and a comfort. (Jane, 50)

I am a qualified therapist and a registered member of the of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy. I work within the ethical guidelines of that professional body. Over the years, my training has encompassed a variety of therapeutic approaches and topics relating to my work. I am always committed to seeking new ways to help my clients.

My work within different fields, including private, public and corporate settings, has involved engaging with couples, adults of all ages, young people and children. This wide range of experience has enabled me to develop a richness and depth of understanding around how we face the ups and downs, the opportunities, the setbacks, the joys and the heartaches throughout our lives. 


Taking time to pause and reflect does have enormous benefits. Within a supportive structure, we can begin a process of understanding and start to consider new ideas. We can find fresh coping strategies and the confidence, energy and clarity to move forward more freely.

I work with my clients to access an alternative perspective. Talking doesn’t change the facts, but, with the right kind of facilitation, it does make things more manageable. I help people to explore what they think, what they feel, and what they believe, in a way that enables them to say that they feel respected, appreciated and encouraged. This empowers them to develop positive strategies for dealing with whatever changes and challenges they are facing. 

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I had looked for other counsellors, but no one else had the empathy and expertise that Elizabeth offers. Her voice is measured, calm and clear, very professional. We have been privileged to work with Elizabeth. She has given us tremendous insights, made incredibly useful suggestions, and has probably kept us together as a family.

(Lorraine, 51)

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