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Elizabeth was incredibly lovely, making me feel very at ease. It allowed me to have a space in which to talk openly and frankly about my feelings, actions and emotions. I do not think it could be improved on at all. It was fantastic.

(Alex, 19)

What to Expect

What makes you hesitate?  Is there anything you are worried about? Clients often think:


·      What will I find to talk about, and will there be awkward silences? 

·      Will she think I’m strange or stupid?

·      What if I can’t find the right words or I choke up and get emotional.

·      What if she doesn’t like me or judges my behaviour?

·      Will my problems seem trivial?

·      What good can it do to talk?  There is no easy fix for my circumstances.

·      What if it’s not right for me?  What if I don’t feel comfortable?

·      What will be expected of me?

·      Will I have to talk about things I would prefer to keep to myself?

·      Where do I begin?


We begin with the end in mind.  You want to feel better than you do now. It’s my job to put you at ease, so that you can begin to find words that clarify exactly what you do feel.


In every session you are allowed to say something one moment and completely change your mind the next.  You don’t even have to do all the talking.   I can bring up questions to guide you if that makes it feel more comfortable.  You can expect me to encourage you through the work we do together, and we can tailor each session to your needs.


There is always a moment when I may ask you a question, or you find yourself correcting what was just said, or you hear something I say, and you suddenly know something more than you did at the start. This is a confidential time and place, and it is absolutely acceptable to say whatever comes to mind, without fear that you will be judged in any way.


My work is incredibly rewarding, precisely because of those breakthrough moments, when clients tell me they feel more peaceful, more motivated, more purposeful and have more energy to move forward. They feel refreshed and able to reset or adjust their direction, little by little, or perhaps in leaps and bounds.


Never fear moving forward slowly, fear only to stand still. A thought that is often worth keeping in mind.

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I couldn’t improve on Elizabeth’s counselling. We clicked. Telephone counselling was perfect for me. Being able to speak openly without judgement was invaluable. (Lynn, 30)

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