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Many thanks to all my lovely clients who have offered these positive reviews.

"Elizabeth provided a point of calm in an otherwise chaotic situation. It was evident from the beginning that Elizabeth has a great deal of experience and is very empathetic.  She always has a timely suggestion, and we look forward to the sessions. For my wife and I, being able to have a call together in our own home is perfect."


- James, a grieving father supporting his family

"It takes a very special kind of person to help people, sometimes in their darkest hours, and I will forever be indebted to Elizabeth.  She is very intuitive, she remembers lots of things, I feel really listened to. I do feel that I’ve got to a point now where I’m more content with everything. I’m seeing things from a different perspective. I feel I’ve come a long way … Elizabeth was a bit of a lifeline."

- Tom, 45, a father who lost a child and his own mother

"My first telephone appointment was 100% helpful.  Elizabeth is amazing. Three years ago, I found my daughter forever sleeping. She was 21. I was lost and desperate. Elizabeth really listened and I could tell her anything, even that I wanted to die. On one occasion, I had forgotten my appointment, I desperately drove home and thankfully Elizabeth called me that evening, I was desperate. Sometimes you need to share your thoughts, your hurt, your worries and your anger. Sometimes life felt pointless, but she helped me to understand that my thoughts and feelings were okay. She is so genuine. Elizabeth walked this journey of loss with me. I am forever grateful."


- Daniella, wife and mother

"I have had a lot to deal with in my past and I was able to talk about everything as a whole and it really changed how I thought about my past experiences, in a very positive way.  We discussed coping mechanisms and I felt able to move forward in a way I would never have been able to do by myself. My memories now are miles away from where they were before I talked with Elizabeth. I am far stronger. I am aware of a change in myself and other people have noticed it as well. I feel it’s had a massive impact on me."

- Margaret, 40, suffered recurring nightmares and stress-related epilepsy following severe trauma

"Being able to talk through various coping strategies with Elizabeth has been extremely useful and I have used her suggestions in various circumstances to deal with relationships or getting through difficult events. Elizabeth is open minded and understanding. I feel safe being able to tell her intimate information and know that she will treat this in confidence. I would definitely recommend this counselling to others."


- Felicity, 50, a mother bereaved of her young adult daughter

"Elizabeth has helped me enormously. I can see a future and I am rebuilding my life, finding myself and finding more strength every day. My confidence has grown, and I feel I have the courage to take things head on. It was the best decision to seek counselling and I cannot imagine how I would have coped without Elizabeth’s support. It is nothing short of incredible. At this moment, I just want to say a big thank you for everything."

- Gillian, 39, following relationship counselling

"I felt like a weight was lifted immediately. The support I gained from Elizabeth in the first session was very effective. I was able to tackle a difficult circumstance at work and the suggestions that Elizabeth offered me helped so much. Elizabeth helped me to identify the most pressing issues in my life and gave me guidance to tackle them immediately. I had strategies I could take away. Her professionalism is fantastic."

- Young female retail manager

"The encompassing holistic approach that Elizabeth uses doesn’t just focus on me and my loss. She understands how it affects all aspects of my life. The most helpful thing I found was having a safe space to talk about my complex feelings with someone I could tell understood and was knowledgeable. Elizabeth has been a lifeline for me, and my family and her gentle but confident manner has helped me to navigate so many hurdles since losing our baby. She has helped to put me back together and helped our family to heal.  There is nothing that I feel could have been improved." 

- Helen, young wife and mother of several children

"Everything, from the listening and soft approach to hard questions has been brilliant. I’m not sure you can improve on it. Elizabeth has been excellent. It has helped me to communicate better with my partner and has enabled me to understand certain emotions that I did not want to deal with … I feel emotionally stronger … just being able to talk about it in the open without judgement has been wonderful."


- John, husband and father of young children

"For me, talking regularly over the phone with Elizabeth has been very positive.  It has meant that I didn’t need to travel. It meant I could squeeze a session into a busy workday and it meant not having to take a big chunk of time being physically away from my family.  Having the anonymity of ‘hiding’ inside a phone conversation can make things easier … somehow, it’s gentler, less intrusive. Her experience is immeasurable. You get a strong sense of how experienced she is. Given the choice now, I would not opt for face-to-face sessions. The subtlety of a phone conversation works much better for me. It gives me renewed energy and determination. It makes me more confident.  It helps me make time for myself. It is also a safety net and a comfort."

- Cathy, 50, working mother

"The first session was indeed helpful. I can’t believe how much Elizabeth has helped me to identify the root cause of my problems. It is helping me to find solutions and giving me hope to live."


- Young father, following the loss of his little boy

"I remember a lovely calm voice that made me immediately feel at ease. That made me comfortable and able to focus."

- Anita, a grandmother whose daughter died of cancer

"You are an amazing woman, helping and supporting others at the worst time in their lives.  I am full of gratitude.  Thank you again."


- Melissa, widowed mother of two children

"I make notes, things to look back on, every phone call.  Each one is different, and I put the phone down thinking ‘I can do this, I can get through this’. I feel comfortable at home talking on the phone and always feel better after the call."

- Dawn, 37, whose little boy died 2 years ago

"I had counselling through work, but the therapist wasn’t a grief specialist. Elizabeth appeared to be trained and knowledgeable. It has been eye opening in terms of dealing with things we had not previously known how to approach."


- Poppy, wife and mother of a young family

"Elizabeth just listened at first and heard what I wanted to speak about.  My wife had spoken to her in the past. I’d been having flashbacks and going back through some traumatic events. Elizabeth was fantastic. I am now able to sleep better."

- Rory, husband and father of a young family

"Elizabeth is very compassionate, wise and supportive. She understood everything, which isn’t always the case with other people I talk to. She has helped me to realise that bereavement is a huge thing.  Now I’m not so afraid about being sad."


- Linda, following the loss of her profoundly disabled granddaughter

"I bottled up anger, sadness, to the point where I felt like my life was over. Elizabeth was so understanding, and I feel like she really understood me and knew my family, although she never met them. Without this help, God knows where I would be now and what my life would be like. Thank you for helping me, so I can help the rest of my family."

- Katy, 55, whose adult daughter died of cancer

"Brilliant! I was really struggling and needed the support of someone who was neutral and understood my loss.  Grief is exhausting and the loss of your child is a constant heavy cloud.  I don’t know what I would have done without Elizabeth."


- Sam, 54

"Elizabeth is particularly perceptive, supportive and compassionate. She really helps to balance reality with intense feelings. I feel able to move forward with the insights I have gained. Sessions have helped put some of the guilt, shame and failure into perspective and to hope that I can still have a good and purposeful life."

- Mike, father dealing with trauma, grief and family separation

"Elizabeth has all the qualities that are so important in child bereavement counselling. The conversation always ends with me feeling that I have been listened to and that much thought and insight into the situation has been given. I regularly act on suggestions that are offered. She possesses the most extraordinary ability to recall what has been covered in previous sessions and relate it to my current issues and is able to challenge when necessary and appropriate. There is no “magic fix” for my daughter’s untimely death but having the opportunity to lay bare my feelings in such a “safe place” has proved invaluable."


- Susanna, 60

"Elizabeth was more than happy to work around my diary as much as possible, which was really good. After 10 years, I finally found some support strategies to deal with my grief. It has enabled me to face and process everything and it has led to me re-evaluating my whole life. I find telephone counselling better than face to face, as I am not sure that I would have been able to share as much in a face-to-face situation."

Barbara, wife and grandmother who lost a child some years ago

"Elizabeth put me at ease from the very beginning. Extremely helpful when you start opening up to a stranger. It is not easy losing someone, but losing a child, it’s different. The support is slowly but surely helping me to come to terms with what has happened. I cannot put into words how valuable it has been. Elizabeth is helping me to get through what has been a really difficult and soul-destroying time. Something I don’t think I could get from family and friends."


- Patricia, following the sudden loss of her little boy

"Last year you were a lifesaver! Every time I spoke with you, you gave me useful strategies and information and really uplifted me. I have tried 4 other counsellors, and this has been the best experience."

Laura, 40, coping with loss and fertility issues

"Elizabeth is outstanding at listening and saying all the right things to put you at ease.  She makes you feel like what you are feeling is completely normal in the most extraordinary circumstances. She really gets it, like no-one else."

Dan, 40

"Initially I had joint counselling with my husband, face to face. A tremendous positive impact in trying to rebuild our lives … to be listened to and talking to someone who understood, who reassured me I wasn’t going crazy. I’m sure I’ve done a lot of learning about myself in these sessions. I used to feel lost and thinking outside of my usual ways was quite alien to me, but now I do a lot more thinking and I definitely think more deeply … I don’t feel like it’s a struggle now …"


- Julie, 40, wife and mother

“I have had outstanding support. I find every session is enormously helpful. I like the mixture of practical options, balanced with being listened to and allowed to express everything. I always feel uplifted and hopeful at the end."


- Lydia, 25

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